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One Year Later

September 1, 2008 – 3:04 am | by Bill

It’s been one year since my last post to this blog. A lot of stuff has happened in my life, so this post will serve as a brief update for the past year.

I graduated from BCIT with a diploma in computer networking.

Living Situation

In September 2007 I moved from Pitt Meadows BC to Burnaby BC. During the schoolyear I was living in the BCIT Residence, and recently moved to a place near Metrotown in Burnaby. I’m living with a roomate, who still attends BCIT. A medical practice management system is a type of healthcare software that manages the day-to-day operations of a clinic, such as appointment scheduling, billing and other administrative tasks

The week after I finished college, I began working full time as a network technician at an ISP. In October I became a CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate), and later this year I will be writing the exams required to get my CCNP and CCIP certifications.

Around the beginning of the year I found that I was spending too much time working on various websites and wasn’t devoting enough time to school, so I decided to take a break until September. This would give me time to finish college, and have a nice break over the summer. Currently I am getting rid of some of my assets, and organizing the rest. Getting ready to gear up again.

Since I live so close to downtown Vancouver, I went several times to the Celebration of Lights, which is an awesome fireworks show. My friends and I also spent a lot of time at the beaches in Vancouver such as English Bay, Ambleside, Jericho, and Spanish Banks. Started playing a lot of Volleyball and Ultimate frisbee, which I enjoy a lot.

A few weekends ago, we did some camping up near Hope. We drove into the Skagit Valley, which is right on the border of Canada and the United States. I will do a longer post later with more of the details.

My 22nd birthday was on August 5th, and some good friends of mine took me to the Keg in Vancouver for dinner. I had some steak with shrimp and lobster on top and it was delicious. It’s been a long time since I’ve had seafood like that, and I need to start going to Vancouver more often for the fresh seafood.

Angels and Airwaves
On August 7th I went to the Angels and Airwaves concert at the Commodore Ballroom. I bought my ticket in January for the concert, which was originally scheduled for March 6th. Due to scheduling issues, they moved it to August 7th 2008. Dave and I headed to Milestones for some Mojitos before the concert, and then met up with another friend in the lineup outside the Commodore. The concert was amazing, and I love the band’s music, even though I think Tom Delonge is really arrogant. If you haven’t heard of Angels and Airwaves before, checkout The Adventure, The War, and Valkyrie Missile.

Angels and Airwaves are coming to Vancouver again on October 10th 2008, this time they are playing with Weezer and Tokyo Police Club. The venue for this concert will be GM Place, and I will be buying tickets in the near future for it. Should be a good show.

Long Weekend in Victoria
Today is the last day of the Labour Day long weekend in Canada, so I went to Victoria to visit Dave Venter and get some much needed relaxation. Spent the first couple of days around the house relaxing, One of the nights Dave made some delicious ribs, and we also made several batches of Mojitos, which were pretty good. Still need to perfect the recipe though.

On Sunday we headed downtown, and had a pitcher of Sleeman Honey Brown Ale at Irish Times in Victoria. I also had a bowl of the Corn Chowder soup, which was delicious. In the evening we went back downtown and played a few games of Pool at Peacock Billiards. I’m heading to bed now, and later today I will be taking the Ferry from Swartz Bay to Tsawwassen.

I will be posting much more frequently, so stay tuned for more.

Parksville Sandcastle Competition

August 31, 2007 – 12:36 pm | by Bill

On Sunday we drove out to [tag]Parksville[/tag], which is about a 2 hour drive from Colwood, each way. We went to the Parksville Beach Festival (or Sandcastle Competition) which featured [tag]sand castles[/tag] designed and created by professionals. I’m not sure what it takes to become a professional, but the sandcastles looked great! Some of the pictures that I took are below, and you can see more (and better) pictures on Dave’s post.

I honestly don’t know how the judges make their decisions on which entries win the competition, because most of them were really impressive. There were three team entries, and a bunch of single entries. Each team had a total of 23 hours over 3 days. Parksville’s Sandcastle Competition has been a tradition since 1982, and seems to be a popular event. If you are experiencing any metal problem, is important that you look for the help of a psychiatrist.

Some of the pictures are a bit blurry because I had my camera in manual focus mode, and I thought it was in automatic so I didn’t bother focusing. Sigh. Oh well, some of them still turned out, and the other ones I can live without.  Renting a self storage unit can be great in many situations.

BearsDragonIndianMan Eating Plant

Man Reading


Sandcastle Apples

NeverBlueAds and Murchies

August 30, 2007 – 2:13 pm | by Bill

Today Venter and I went to downtown Victoria to meet with our affiliate manager from NeverBlueAds and his team leader. We were walking down the sidewalk and Dave recognized our affiliate manager from a picture on the website, so he introduced us. We walked to Japanese Village (they need a new website!), and ate lunch. I had Beef and Chicken Teriyaki or something, and it was pretty good.

We talked about a range of stuff in the affiliate marketing world, and where we are and where want to go in the industry. I had a good time, and it was nice to meet and network with some new people. I’m looking forward to running some of their offers. If you have a business and want make this one grow is important that you invest in digital marketing services for small business.

After lunch Dave took me to Murchie’s and bought me some South American coffee. I’m not a big coffee drinker, it’s not that I don’t like it, I just don’t care to pay $5 to drink it everyday. I prefer ordering cold drinks such as the Iced Cappuccino from Tim Hortons, or something from Blenz. The coffee was pretty good though, thanks Dave!

Vacationing In Colwood

August 28, 2007 – 3:45 pm | by Bill

21st Birthday
I meant to post a few posts on various topics in the past few weeks, but I’ve been very busy with web development, and finishing off work. I’ve also been doing some work for a couple of clients. One of the posts was to celebrate my 21st birthday, which was August 5th. Happy [tag]Birthday[/tag] to me! Some friends and I went to see the Bourne Ultimatum 3, which I thought was a good ending to the Bourne trilogy. After we went to Boston Pizza, then ended up at my place.

I am currently vacationing in [tag]Colwood[/tag] BC, a suburb of [tag]Victoria[/tag]. It is quite nice here, my buddy Dave Venter was kind enough to let me stay at his place. We’ve been doing a lot of relaxing, and have also been working on our various websites. I’ll post pictures when I get back.

New Websites

I have launched 25 new websites in the past week. One of them is a blog. If there is one thing I hate doing, it is writing content. Once the blog gets going, I’m going to outsource it to a good writer that I know of. I’m doing a lot of social bookmarking, pinging, and other methods of promotion on these sites.

Nice Domain
A few weeks ago I purchased a PR3 domain from someone on the DigitalPoint forums for $15, and it expires in 2009. I didn’t want to let it sit there empty, but I didn’t have the time to properly develop it. I scraped a couple of articles in the niche, and then I threw up an offer from AzoogleAds. I let it sit for awhile, then I log in a couple of days ago and was surprised to see $25.55 from that site, from one conversion. I’ve been promoting this site a bit, and am thinking about how I should develop the domain. One of the previous owners of the domain did a LOT of promotion on the domain, on Digg, Reddit, as well as setting up several related blogspot blogs with content, linking to the domain. The site ranks well for the content I have on it, and I plan on developing this domain.

[tag]Affiliate Marketing[/tag]
I’m not going to give much of an update in this area at the moment, I have some long-term projects that I working on that I’m keeping hush-hush, for good reason. Once I start heavily promoting them, I will be giving stat updates.

[tag] College[/tag] starts next week, I’m not sure exactly what my living conditions will be. I will either be living in Dorms, or at home. It depends on whether I get accepted into the dorms or not, I find out Tuesday, which is when school probably starts. If I don’t get into the dorms, then I will have to commute. Public transportation will suck, and I would have to get up 2 hours earlier. All that I can say, is that it will be an interesting year.

Lunar Eclipse

August 28, 2007 – 7:52 am | by Bill

This morning we were able to see the [tag]lunar eclipse[/tag]. I took some pictures, most of them blurry as I didn’t bring my tripod with me. I also took two videos, but it was too dark so it is pretty hard to see anything.

A lunar eclipse happens when the Earth gets directly between the sun and the moon, blocking the light that normally reflects off the moon. This was the second lunar eclipse of 2007.

I found the video below on youtube, which is from the lunar eclipse earlier this year.

(Removed embedded video because it messed up my layout in Firefox)

Link to Video

Celebration Of Light Fireworks

August 12, 2007 – 3:06 pm | by Bill

Every year for as long as I can remember, the HSBC Celebration of Light has taken place in Downtown Vancouver. It’s a well known event, and hundreds of thousands of people come out and watch them. The fireworks take place on four different nights in a two week period, on the Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Every year I watch them at least once, but this year twice and saw Canada and the Finale. I headed down both times with my friend Dave Venter. For the Finale we brought one of my cameras with us, and took some pictures and video clips, I’ve posted some of my pictures below. You can see a video of the end of the fireworks, on Dave’s post…..

I enjoy going to the fireworks, and I think that it is great for the lower mainland to have something to look forward to every summer. Just before I was going to write this post, I checked my rss feeds and I read Jeff Kee’s post regarding the event. He made some excellent points, but I disagree with some of the stuff he said.

The fireworks are cool, but I just like getting out of my neighborhood and taking transit downtown with friends and doing something. Vancouver needs to have alternative events like the fireworks that draw people. The fireworks should keep happening, but more events should be created to supplement the fireworks.

Some pictures that I took below. Be warned, some of them are slightly blurry, be warned. Click on the thumbnail for a bigger version.






My Network Updates

August 6, 2007 – 7:14 pm | by Bill

Few Left Standing
I have changed the blog theme again, to something more simple. I installed the All In One SEO Pack plugin for WordPress, along with the Related Posts plugin. I’ve also installed the WordPress Auto Updater plugin, which is going to save me a lot of time updating my various sites running on WordPress.

Pagerank update is very imminent, and I am confident that my blog will achieve a PR of 5. Well, that’s what I’m hoping, anyway.

New blog
I’m working on a new blog. I’ve purchased the domain from someone, it was registered in 2005. I’ve installed WordPress, a nice theme, and a some plugins for it. I’m currently writing some posts for it, and I will post the url here once I get it started.

It is a nice niche, and once the site starts getting a lot of traffic, I will work on starting a forum for it.

My Forum
The forum is actually doing well, I’ve been letting it simmer for awhile. The developer of the custom script finally answered me, and let me know that I didn’t have one of the files chmod’d properly! Doh! Now the script is working properly, and I can move on with promoting the forum.

There are a few new members that are bringing some other members back to the forum, this is because Email Notification is on by default, so when new members reply to slightly older threads, everyone who posted in that thread receives an email. Most people don’t bother to turn it off.

I’m still looking at a few different monetization methods for the forum, as most web developers know, forums can be the hardest type of site to monetize. I’m planning on a mix of pay per click advertisements, and affiliate offers.

Along with all of the above, I’m working on several other sites, all in different stages of completion. One of them is another forum, which is already ready to go, I’m just waiting until September to launch it. There is a small bug that I need to fix, regarding the quote system.

Summer Holidays

July 27, 2007 – 6:01 pm | by Bill

I’ve been in school for the past year, and I have the summer off. I’m currently working fulltime, which leaves little time to develop my own sites and work on affiliate campaigns, but I’m trying. I’m also doing some web development and consulting work for a couple of local companies, which is what I’m spending a lot of my free time doing.

I’m still working on the forum that I purchased. I put a new theme on it, and am working on a couple contests to get it active again. I will post the link here soon. I’m waiting for a bug to be fixed in the custom point system, but the guy who wrote the system isn’t responding to my emails/messages.

I’ve made some investments in a couple domains, and am going to be developing them into long term content sites. I’m not going to reveal the niches yet, maybe later.

I’m studying for my CCNA, and and I just finished reading the first book of the two book study guide I bought. I’ll read through the second book, then book the test. After I read the second book, I’m going to do some of the questions from a guide from

My buddy Dave Venter has updated the theme of his blog, and is now posting regularily.

I’ve been playing a lot of Halo 2 recently, I enjoy it.

Stay tuned for more updates, I’ll be posting more frequently.

Manage Adwords From Your Desktop

June 21, 2007 – 5:36 pm | by Bill

I recently found out about this, from the Google Adwords Blog. Google offers an Adwords Editor, that allows you to manage your campaigns from your Windows or Apple computer.

I installed the program, and I think I am going to use it instead of logging into AdWords all the time! I think it will save me time in the long run, as when I use the Adwords online interface it feels a bit slow.

Benefits according to the Adwords Editor site:

I would post screenshots but I don’t want to reveal any of my niches/keywords, I’m sure you understand. Check it out and let me know how it works for you!

I rank for Syphallis

June 20, 2007 – 2:56 pm | by Bill

The other night I was doing some keyword optimization, and I found that one of my old posts (actually..comments from my old post, thanks Kris)was ranked #19 for Syphallis. I was laughing, but then Google told me it’s a mispelling, while trying to find an affiliate program for it. Syphallis gets 48952 searches a month, according to Overture.

Enter your sites into SeoDigger, and see what keywords they rank for!