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January 11, 2007 – 6:57 pm | by Bill

I’ve had a ton of clicks on the Google Adsense advertisements on my proxies today. I’ve had 302 clicks so far, yet only $12.58 cents in revenue. I mean, having $12.58 cents in revenue is great for one day, however my revenue per click is $0.04 cents. I hate smart pricing so much. I usually get at least $0.15 cents per click, sometimes up to $0.60 cents. If I received $0.50 cents per click today, my revenue would have been $151.

Also, my proxies are currently not working. The pages load fine, however when I try to browse through them I get ‘Error: 110: Connection timed out (URL: I’m sure that this is why I’ve received so many clicks today, which is double the amount I’ve been receiving the past few days. I am moving them elsewhere for now, while the current server I’m on is being formatted and reinstalled. After the upgrade, my partner and I will be running Cpanel/WHM with 6 ip address, instead of Plesk and 1 ip address.

Tommorow at school my lab partner and I will be wiring two patch panels with 25 pair cable. That stuff looks complicated, but it probably won’t be once we figure out the color chart. School is going pretty good, but I’m having a hard time paying attention during the Structured Cabling class, as a lot of the material has been covered already in previous courses, and I just don’t find the course that interesting. It is stuff that we need to know though, and I will definitely use. I made my first cat5 cable on Tuesday, which is pretty cool.

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