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December 12, 2006 – 5:46 pm | by Bill

Ok, I need to do a quick update on school and my websites, so here goes.

Web Development

I had a huge spike in my Google Adsense earnings in the past few days. I’ve been running two proxy websites on the PHProxy script. I’ve had them up for three days or so now, and have done little advertising. I did sign them up for a bunch of topsites, which brought a little bit of traffic. Yesterday when I logged into my home computer remotely from school, I saw that my Google Adsense plugin for Firefox said that I had made $8.48 cents that day. I initially thought it said $0.60 cents, and I was excited about having $0.60 cents! By the end of the day I had made $9.00 even. (I made $0.52 from my other proxy site)

I had made $8.48 cents by 10:30am, PST. I’ve uploaded a screenshot of my Google Adsense earnings for the one website for the past few days, you can view it here. I had to blur out some of the statistics due to Google’s terms of service, and I blurred the name, as I will be keeping it a secret for now. The website that I made the money on looks bad – even ugly. It is the default layout for PHProxy, and is just a white page with a logo and my Google Ads.

Today I have made $0.00 using Google Adsense. I need to figure out how I got the traffic, and get some more!


Today was our Skills test for the CCNA level 2 course. I got a 9/10, as I placed the access control list on the wrong interface on the router. I was using an extended access control list and I placed it on the serial interface going outbound, instead of the fast ethernet interface going inbound. Extended access control lists are supposed to be placed closest to the source. Other then that I thought I did well.

We are doing final exams this week. I have a written final for Cisco tommorow, along with a Voucher exam. The voucher exam will give us a discount on writing the CCNA if we get past a certain mark the voucher exam. Thursday I have the Cisco online final exam, and a written final for ‘C’.

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