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Midterm Results

December 4, 2006 – 8:28 pm | by Bill

I just got my marks back, and I am surprised! I got 75% on my Cisco Level 2, and 82% on the “C” test. I was expecting a very low mark for the Cisco exam, yet I ended up with the highest mark in the class. Although, that still is a low mark for me, considering that anything below 70% is considered a failing grade at BCIT. I usually achieve anywhere from 85-90 percent for the Cisco exams, but I also usually have a chance to study.

One more week of coursework, learning and labs, then it’s on to finals week! I’m curious as to what the Cisco skills exam is going to consist of. For Cisco level 1 we just had to subnet two subnetworks and configure our computers to be able to ping to a server on the other side of two preconfigured routers. Since level 2 was mostly programming Cisco routers, I can only assume that we will be repeating the level 1 skills exam but with 3-4 networks and programming the routers ourselves.

Should be fun.

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  2. By Kris on Dec 7, 2006 | Reply

    Way to go on your exams/tests/whatever! Highest mark in the class? Coooooolio.

  3. By Bill on Dec 7, 2006 | Reply

    Thanks :)

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