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New LCD Monitor

November 29, 2006 – 6:18 pm | by Bill

I just finished setting up my new Phillips 17″ LCD monitor to replace my 17″ CRT monitor. The CRT monitor took up over a third of my desktop, the LCD takes up barely any space at all. I was thinking about getting a 22″ Acer LCD but I decided not to, as the money could be better spent paying off my credit card debt.
I connected my UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) to my computer and monitor, so if the power goes out I have “up to” 32 minutes of battery backup. I haven’t been using my UPS for a month or two since the carpet in my house had been replaced and I had not bothered to plug it in. Next time the power goes out, I am hoping to achieve 30 minutes of battery life from the UPS. Previously I had only had 3-5 minutes. I’ve read that this is because the CRT sucks so much power, so hopefully using an LCD will fix this annoyance.

I visited the eye doctor today, he is really nice. He said that I should get glasses to use when I using a computer, and reading textbooks, etc. He also offered to let me email myself a picture of the nerve endings in my right eye. I got it on my flash drive instead, I may post that here or not, I doubt you want to see them.

I recently updated the theme I am using on this website, but I still have to tweak it a bit. I am searching for a better header image, and I will be uploading a picture of myself to put in the top right.

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New Monitor
  1. 6 Responses to “New LCD Monitor”

  2. By Arkanjel on Nov 30, 2006 | Reply

    Hey post those pics of your eyes. That would be cool to see. I went to the eye doc a while back and he took pics of the back of my eyeballs and it turns out I have pigment inside my eye. Talk about weird.

  3. By Bill on Nov 30, 2006 | Reply

    I’ll edit the post to add the picture of my eye today or tommorow when I get a chance. I have a freckle in one of my eyes, thats wierd too.

  4. By Nomar on Nov 30, 2006 | Reply

    hehe interesting in the picture to.. hope it will go allright with your eyes though

  5. By Bill on Nov 30, 2006 | Reply

    Thanks Nomar! I will be posting that picture of my eye tommorow.

  6. By Kris on Dec 1, 2006 | Reply

    that’s neat that you’ve got those pictures. we were just learning about eyes in Psych class. fascinating things with rods and cones and foveas and blindspots, etc.

    I’m glad the problem isn’t too bad and it’s an easy fix with glasses.

    Also, I know you were talking about whether you should keep the ads on your site, and I think you should, it’s nice to have money, but maybe not where they are now or can you not change that? It was a bit distracting when I arrived. *shrugs*

    Looking forward to seeing the new header, although I really love this one.

  7. By Bill on Dec 1, 2006 | Reply

    It’s not an easy fix with glasses, my eye doctor said that the blurred vision was a symptom of migraines, so I need to go back to the doctor to figure out what to do. But I’m having trouble seeing properly most of the time right now.

    I actually just put the ads back on the website last night. I can choose where they go, I just edit the template and throw the code in. However, there is no point in putting ads somewhere that people don’t I will see how they perform and maybe adjust them or move them later on.

    Thanks for the input! :)

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