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Growing old.

August 11, 2005 – 10:10 pm | by Bill

Well. I am 19. Look at me go. I bought a lottery ticket tonight. I hope I win. I can buy beer. There is nothing I cannot do. :) In Canada the drinking age/etc is 19. Look at me go. Whoo Whoo.

I am in a bit of a delirious state. I think it is partially due to some sadness deep within me, of things that I regret, or regret not doing. People that I should have become friends with, and people that I should have stayed away from. Things that were meant to be, and things that shouldn’t have been. I looked at the moon while I was driving tonight. It is beautiful, the way the sun reflects off it it, creating a masterpiece that only God could create. God is Good.

I bought some new computer hardware today. DVD Burner, 200 Gigabyte hard drive, and a D-Link Wireless Router, and some smaller things such as blank dvds and a 256 cd/dvd case.

I feel like my life is going downhill. I don’t feel like I am accomplishing anything, and the days are just passing me and I am stuck in the same place. I see kids younger then me growing up and doing something with their lives. What is wrong with me?

On another note, Ryan is gone. :(

  1. 2 Responses to “Growing old.”

  2. By Kris on Aug 13, 2005 | Reply

    There’s nothing wrong with you. Everyone goes through a “dryspell” like this and if some don’t, there’s something wrong with them.

    Your first paragraph had me crying…you should get into comedy. Oh oh oh! And you could be a funny Christian comedian. *nods* Mmmmmmmmmmmmhm.

  3. By Ryan on Aug 14, 2005 | Reply

    Duuuuuuude. Nothing wrong with ya just press into what God has for you and everything will work out all right.

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