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Social Networking Bandwagon

November 20, 2006 – 11:36 pm | by Bill

Looks like another large company has jumped on the social networking bandwagon. Microsoft recently launched Aggreg8. I have not yet signed up for it, but I will just to see what it offers.

Is anyone keeping track of how many social networking websites there are? (I certainly hope not, they obviously would not be seeing much daylight) We have Myspace, Nexopia, Bebo, Facebook, WAYN, Orkut, hi5, and Friendster just to name a few. Most of these websites are simply clones of each other, some of them with a slight spin, but deep down they are the same. While using Google I found a list of social networking websites.

Last week I received several emails from my “friends” on another website called Tagged

To the developers of these websites: If you are not bringing anything new or innovative to the plate, please stop creating these useless websites and filling our mailboxes with your spam.

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