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WordPress Autosave Feature

November 5, 2006 – 9:02 pm | by Bill

Last night, my power went out. It came back on a second later, but it was enough to destroy everything that I had done in the past hour. I had been working on a very long post in wordpress (the blogging platform I use) and when I started my computer back up everything was gone. I started kicking myself mentally, for the following reasons:

  1. My laptop was sitting right beside me with the browser open, unaffected by the power failure.
  2. I have a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) in my closet, not being used. I recently redid the carpet in my room, and neglected to plug the UPS back in, which would have given me enough time to save.
  3. Lack of an autosave feature in WordPress.

I started to do some research into the possibility of a wordpress autosave feature. It seems that many people have the same problems that I’ve had. There is a plugin for WordPress 1.5 called Twilight Autosave. I have been unable to find a plugin for WordPress 2.0, but was told that Twilight Autosave works with the current verson of WordPress. I installed the plugin and it is working fine for me, running WordPress 2.0.4.
If you are lazy and don’t want to install the plugin, you can use a word document with autosave enabled, and then copy your post into WordPress when you are done. The autosave feature will be built into WordPress 2.1

For those who care, I will now be using my UPS with my desktop machine, and will be writing posts on my laptop computer with the WordPress autosave plugin. I wrote this post to attempt to save some of you from the same mistakes that I made. I hope it works.

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