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October 27, 2006 – 12:39 pm | by Bill

Last night I watched Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip Episode 6 (Season 1). I think it’s my favorite episode of the show so far. My favorite part of the episode is when they figure out that the old guy used to work at the station, and he starts telling Matt and Danny about his past.

Today I wrote my A+ (PC Hardware) and Introduction to Operating Systems midterms. I’m sure I did well on the A+ midterm, unsure about the OS midterm. The format of each exam was 40 multiple choice questions, 5 essay questions, and 1 bonus question, so it is hard to tell how well I did.

I need to get started on a bonus assignment that my professor assigned to two of us. The bonus assignment consists of a report on AMD’s HyperTransport technology, and how it works. I may post it here when I am finished.
I’ve been using Microsoft OneNote 2003 to take notes in class. I have a special page for terms in the PC hardware book, which I enter as I am reading the book. The other night I was in an IRC channel, and I found that someone had put the whole glossary on his website. I may use his glossary instead of doing it myself.

My professor mentioned that we should use flash cards, and that he knows people who have paid $50 for a good set of flash cards. I thought about creating a good set in a .pdf file, and selling the .pdf file to other BCIT students, but I did a Google search for flash cards. I found this website, and it has lists of flash cards. You can create them and view them online for no charge, but to print them you will have to pay a life-time membership fee of $19.95. If anyone knows a similar website that offers this service for free, please let me know. Flash cards really do help!

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