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Parallels RC 2.2 Followup

October 11, 2006 – 5:29 pm | by Bill

Tried the Battlefield 2142 demo today, wasn’t too impressed. It is way too futureistic for me, and I’m not into that. Seems more like the style of Mechwarrior. Although, driving around in one of those vehicles with two legs was cool – at first. I will stick to Counter-Strike Source for now.

The following is a followup to my previous post.

So Parellels RC 2.2 rocks. I used Slackware 11, Backtrack 1.0, and Ubuntu. Since Backtrack 1.0 and Ubuntu are livecds by default, they were very easy to run in the Parallels installation. I did not end up getting Slackware 11 to work, I messed up while i was partitioning I think, and I do not feel like fixing it.

Backtrack and Ubuntu worked great, although I did not get network/internet connectivity in Backtrack for some reason. I would have really liked this, so I could use Backtracks tools with my wifi card, without downloading them in another livecd such as Ubuntu. Ubuntu worked great, was very fast, and the internet worked fine.

Parallels will theoretically work great on computers with wifi cards, because a lot of wifi card manufacturer drivers do not natively support linux, which can be a problem for people with wifi cards, especially when you are a mobile laptop user. Parellels bridges your internet connection between your main OS and the virtual OS. So you could run Windows XP Pro, and in Parallels be running Ubuntu and use your wifi card.

Screenshot of my Slackware 11 installation on Parallels RC 2.2

  1. 4 Responses to “Parallels RC 2.2 Followup”

  2. By Aaron Knapp on Oct 17, 2006 | Reply

    Pilgrim, I don’t understand when you say you tried the BF1942 demo, but thought it was too futreistic. Isn’t 1942 about WW2? teehee. Maybe I’m reading it wrong.

    How is this Parallels compared to VMware?

  3. By Bill on Oct 18, 2006 | Reply

    Thanks Apoc..I fixed my error. I tried the battlefield 2142 demo that day..not 1942. ^_^

  4. By Aaron Knapp on Oct 18, 2006 | Reply

    Parallels vs VMware, what do you say? Have you tried VMware. I use it to emulate my XP install to run certian things like school websites that only support IE (how stupid).

  5. By Bill on Oct 24, 2006 | Reply

    I actually did not end up trying VMware. Yeah it is frustrating when websites will only render properly in IE, or will not display at all in firefox/opera/safari/etc.

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