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CBB Group

July 26, 2006 – 6:38 pm | by Bill

So I was browsing a certain torrent website today, looking for ‘legit’ torrents. I found a movie called 27 days later. I wanted to download the movie 28 days later, and all the other good zombie movies. I figured that whoever uploaded it just mispelled the name, but I was wrong. In 2004, a group called CBB was born. They are several movie addicts who have one thing in common: they are willign to do something about being not enough entertained by the movie industry. Make your own editions of your movies. Sometimes less is more.

I clicked on the link, and read the .nfo. It seems kind of cool, so I am going to download it. This version is slightly edited from the original, unlike several of their other releases. They have also released ‘THE MATRIX deZIONized‘ which is basically a special edition combining Matrix Reloaded and Matrix Revolutions to one complete movie. Another release is ‘Jailbird‘ (another link), a completely new version of ‘Conair’.

Click here for more information on the CBB group.

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