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February 17, 2006 – 11:45 pm | by Bill

I was talking to a friend of mine tonight (Knify_Dude), and he said that I should download “Smod”. At first I thought he said something similar to “Donkey Mod”, and after I stopped laughing he spelt it out for me.

Wikipedia describes Smod as the following:

“A modification that adds bizarre new weapons, and new features including melee attacks, and bullet time.”

I agree with Wikipedia’s definition. Careful though, you may need a fairly new machine to play around with this mod, my computer froze for a few seconds at times when there was a lot going on at once. Oh, and the load times are much, much longer when playing Smod. I’m not sure why, but perhaps it is because of all the extra models. By the way, this game is a Japenese mod. A few of my favorite things in this mod include bullet time, the assault smg, ak47, Alyx Gun, and the “Gordon Kick”. Yup, that’s right. After you bind the button you wish to use to kick, you can literally kick some butt.

I’ve taken a bunch of random screenshots in the first parts of Half Life 2, with Smod enabled. You can view them here.

Here is a some information about Smod.Click here for another review of it.

Download it below.

Mirror 1

As a last resort, here is a fileplanet link.

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