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Google Rocks

September 10, 2005 – 12:24 am | by Bill

Yay, another post.

Well, I just noticed that my Gmail invites are at 100, instead of 50. I think this just changed recently, but I could be wrong. Also, they have more then 2.5 gigs of space. I think I should get a few friends of mine together and have us all upload songs to a Gmail account, and it would make it easier to share good songs in between semi-large groups of people. (I in no way condone pirating music, the songs I am speaking of have been released under the Creative Commons act. *wink*)

I just installed Google Desktop on my computer, and when I went to google to search for a plugin, I noticed that I can now search my desktop from my browser. That is pretty cool, but also a little wierd/scary. Wow, I just searched for a word, and it’s showing me all my msn logs, and stuff. Pretty cool.

There is also a sidebar feature, which takes up a lot of room in my opinion on the screen, but it has tons of features. There is a Photo section that shows you files on your computer, it has Google Talk built into it. There is a notepad feature, News, Web Clips, list of recently opened files and viewed webpages. Also there is weather and of course, a place to type in search queries. Click here for a screenshot. Once I remove a bunch of the functions such as weather, news, etc, I will consider using this regularily. I will have to start using the Google Desktop more though, because im still amazed. :) I’m sure a nerd.

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