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Site Breach

September 4, 2005 – 12:28 am | by Bill

Lots of stuff to blog about today. First of all, today I went to Ridgefest, and I enjoyed it. There were some skate competitions, bmx tricks, some bands, etc etc. I wasn’t terribly into the music, but im not into punk/screamo much. The bands didn’t scream a ton, but there were elements of it. I did not mosh..because there were certain people there that I did not want to meet in the mosh pit. The event went awesome, I thought, for something that was made in Maple Ridge.

I have taken so many photos lately, and I do not feel like uploading them somewhere such as DeviantArt. I think I am going to examine solutions such as Coppermine Photo Gallery. I have used it in the past for a youth oriented website that I run, and I found that it works well. I will also probably upload some of my better stuff on my Flickr Account. For now I will upload everything there, so stay tuned.

One of the websites that I run was just breached. I was running Greymatter to power the news backend, which I realize now was a mistake, as they do not offer any easy updating solutions, or support. I will be moving the website over to WordPress, which is what I use to power this website. I will probably redo the whole website, as it was designed to accommodate Greymatter. It was not anything serious from what I can tell, but I have contacted my webhost to double-check. It was probably a script run by a script kiddie. I have not yet decided whether I will leave the site as it is, or remove it. I will eventually remove it, so I have posted pictures of the breach here, here and here.

I will upload a bunch of my pictures to my flickr account, if you have flickr add me, or if you dont have it..well you should really sign up, its great! :)

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