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September 2, 2005 – 10:07 pm | by Bill

Last night I was browsing through my rss reader looking at random feeds. I had looked at some pictures of the devestation caused by Hurricane Katrina before, but reading first hand about someone that is in the middle of it just… I don’t know but it impacted me on a deep level. I will be praying for him and his companions. I was captivated by what he had to say, I could not stop reading it.

Part of me wishes I was there assisting them in whatever I way I can. The other part of me is glad and thankful that I live where I am. What a cool game that would make though, if you read the blog and some of the things he mentions, corrupt police, looting, survival, etc. He has a live webcam feed, hopefully I will get to see something other then the window or something later tonight.

I have been browsing pictures that are associated with the livejournal (blog) that I am reading constantly, and I am in the chat room. The link to interdictor is here.

The pictures below are only a few of the pictures: (Click on a picture to see a bigger version)

EDIT: The source of the pictures has gone offline, and unfortunately I do not have these pictures locally.

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  1. 2 Responses to “Katrina”

  2. By Kris on Sep 3, 2005 | Reply

    What a cool game that would make though,

    Erm…WHAT??? :(

    You can help, you know. There are tons of organizations reaching out as we speak to help the flooding victims. Donate! :)

  3. By Bill on Sep 4, 2005 | Reply

    No. I wanted to be helping the people in the building. Screw the other people. I’m just kidding. But I would rather help the people themselves, then by paying someones salary to help. Also, im poor. So no.

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