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Mission Springs Brewery

August 30, 2005 – 11:17 pm | by Bill

Today I was driving from work to the Mission Springs Brewing Company, and I saw a car accident. It looked kind of bad, but It reminded me to slow down, as I often drive quite fast. Driving fast in the rain, is not good. Especially when your front two tires are bald.

At the Brewing Company, everything is old and rustic. The decorations were quite cool, and I will definitely go there again soon. The service we had was a bit slow though. Good food though. I had the Mediterranean Burger, which consisted of a beef patty, shrimp, feta cheese, lettuce, and some tomatoes thanks to Kris and Mags both grabbing their tomatoes off their burgers and handing them to me at the same time.

I have just installed and activated Photoshop CS 2, and will be toying with it tommorow night. Can’t wait! :)

Also looking forward to Monday night, going to see Thousand Foot Krutch in concert. :D

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  2. By Kris on Aug 31, 2005 | Reply

    Yes, please slow down when it’s dangerous. :( It would SUCK if you…died…or your car did…it would SUCK.

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