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Enter the cold

August 29, 2005 – 10:16 pm | by Bill

This morning I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock and the pouring rain. I got up from my bed and hit the snooze button. I eventually woke up, when the alarm went off again. Anyway, I dislike the cold very much, but the fall is beautiful, and so is winter and spring. There will be soo many more places to shoot pictures, and more beautiful opportunities. I cant wait. I have some cool pictures of a construction yard I took, but i cant find my 512 mb sony memory stick. I lent my Sony DSC-P73 to my mom and sister, they went to kalamalka lake. I took my 512 stick out, and put her 256 stick in. I cant remember where i put my 512 stick. So right now im borrowing her spare 32mb stick. I hope I find it soon.

Her Sony DSC-P100 did not come with a power cord, because it was open box. It has some wierd lithium ion battery, and we would have to buy a new power cord or battery charger, both are 99$ CAD. If you can think of a better place to buy it, let me know. I have tried london drugs, radio shack, future shop.

I’m going to go “try” Adobe Photoshop CS2.

Edited. Thank you Kris for pointing out my noobish typos. :)

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  2. By Kris on Aug 29, 2005 | Reply

    Her Sony DSP-P100 did not come with a power cord, because it was open box.

    Ummm, you sure it’s DSP? Cause I dont’ think DSP exists. Sony DSC-P100 is findable.

    I go to Lens & Shutter for all my needs.
    but I don’t know if they’d have the powercord…

    How’s CS2? Blog about it!

  3. By Kris on Aug 30, 2005 | Reply

    np :D

  4. By Bill on Sep 10, 2005 | Reply

    Thanks for the tip. I saw Lens & Shutter when I was in abbotsford the other day.

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