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Reinvigorate Beta

April 3, 2007 – 6:26 pm | by Bill

I recently got an invite to join the Reinvigorate private beta. I went ahead and set it up on this blog, and let it run for a few days.

Reinvigorate ScreenshotReinvigorate has plugins for WordPress, Drupal, or you can insert code into all of your pages manually. I downloaded the WordPress plugin and installed it. Once the plugin is installed, you need to goto the admin panel and enter your Tracking ID. The installation was very easy, however reinvigorate never received my stats while I was using the WordPress plugin.

I waited a few days, but the service still was not receiving stats off my blog. Instead of messing around with the WordPress plugin, I uninstalled it and inserted the reinvigorate code manually. As soon as I logged back into reinvigorate, it was receiving my stats.

The service has a fast and light web based interface, with a ton of various statistics. You can view your traffic Hourly, Daily, Monthly, Yearly or Hourly Distributions. It has the common stuff such as Browers, Resolution, Platform, Timezone, Entry/Exit pages, Popular Pages, Referrers, Keywords, the list goes on.

I like the interface of Reinvigorate more then Google Analytics, Statcounter and AWStats, as Reinvigorate is faster and easier to navigate. When I want to see my stats, I want to see them and not look for them.

Overall it looks like a great service, I wonder if they will be a paid service once they drop their Beta status.

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