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USB Thumb Drive

August 22, 2005 – 9:04 pm | by Bill

I just bought my first USB Thumb Drive from Radioshack (I refuse to call it the source, as I work for an Audio Visual Company. Unless I call it the source for cheap components. :)) for 15$ CAD with taxes. It has 128 megs, and I will purchase a newer one when prices come down. So far on it I have:

-DVD Shrink and DVD Decrypter: For burning dvds wherever I am! Mainly because I’m going to show my boss how to do it eventually.
-Mini Red Alert: A smaller version of the original Red Alert game. The smallest version of red alert 2 that I can get is 200 megs or so, so I will have to wait until I purchase a USB Thumb Drive with more capacity.
Trillian Anywhere: For using MSN/AIM at friend’s houses, etc.
-Media Player.exe: A versatile media player that can play many formats.
Portable Firefox: A Portable version of Firefox, plus a few extensions I added.
-I was going to put Photoshop CS on it, but I do not want to fill it up right away.

I tried to purchase two of them, so I could put Damn Small Linux or another small version of linux on one of them, but they wouldn’t let me buy two. :( (It was a sale, 60% off.) If you have any good programs that will work on a USB Thumbdrive, let me know and I would love to try it out! :)

  1. 2 Responses to “USB Thumb Drive”

  2. By Kris on Aug 25, 2005 | Reply

    How did I not comment on this already? Wtc?

    *ahem* Thumbs up for the thumbdrive! Bwahahahah. Woot.

    Is $15 really good for that size thumbdrive?

  3. By Bill on Aug 26, 2005 | Reply

    lol. Yeah I guess it is a good price for that size, but I most thumbdrives are overpriced anyway. It was on sale 60% off at Radioshack. I just wanted something I could get Red Alert on and some files and stuff. Once I start using Microsoft Money 2006, I will load my backup files on it and password protect it. :)

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