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ICANN Has Terminated Registerfly

March 17, 2007 – 3:03 pm | by Bill

I recently did a post on Enom dropping Registerfly as a reseller, and now ICANN is putting the final nail in Registerfly’s coffin. It’s about time. ICANN has issued a formal notice of termination to Registerfly, effective March 31, 2007. If you have any domains with Registerfly that you care about, transfer them now! If you have any problems, check out the Big FAQ Thread over at RegisterFlies.

I only have six domains with Registerfly, which are not very valuable to me as they are just .info domains that I paid 60 cents each for. I’ve been having problems with them for a long time, I posted about my problems back in December. I now register all of my domains with Namecheap, although I still have domains with GoDaddy, and Enom.

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  2. By Seth Wagoner on May 13, 2007 | Reply

    I had quite a couple dozen domains there, and getting them out was a bit of an ordeal. Will blog about it eventually. Anyway apparently their claim to be one of the biggest registrars on the web (and well, they *did* have more than 1% of the total domains registered) was largely based on lots of people buying up those uber cheap .infos – I guess .info have been trying to build themselves up by selling lots of them on the cheap, but I don’t think it’s worked out due to the fact that most of them were bought by spammers, squatters and speculators.. So with nobody buying them for serious usage, they’re reliant on full price renewals rather than building up the prestige of the TLD…actually, on second thought I think it will work out for them. The renewals will come, people hate to lose something after they’ve made even a vague commitment to it, and if they’ve put any sort of site on there at all that makes it even more likely they’ll renew. So it might work out for .info in the end. We’ll see. On the Registerfly front, it was great to have registerflies keeping us up to date. Wow, what a complete fiasco…

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