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Archive for June, 2007

Manage Adwords From Your Desktop

Thursday, June 21st, 2007

I recently found out about this, from the Google Adwords Blog. Google offers an Adwords Editor, that allows you to manage your campaigns from your Windows or Apple computer.

I installed the program, and I think I am going to use it instead of logging into AdWords all the time! I think it will save me time in the long run, as when I use the Adwords online interface it feels a bit slow.

Benefits according to the Adwords Editor site:

I would post screenshots but I don’t want to reveal any of my niches/keywords, I’m sure you understand. Check it out and let me know how it works for you!

I rank for Syphallis

Wednesday, June 20th, 2007

The other night I was doing some keyword optimization, and I found that one of my old posts (actually..comments from my old post, thanks Kris)was ranked #19 for Syphallis. I was laughing, but then Google told me it’s a mispelling, while trying to find an affiliate program for it. Syphallis gets 48952 searches a month, according to Overture.

Enter your sites into SeoDigger, and see what keywords they rank for!

New Template

Friday, June 15th, 2007

I’ve changed the template on my blog to something that looks nicer and easier to read, in my opinion.  I may still change the header image, and the little image beside the introduction box. What do you think of the new theme?

Tonight I was sitting on the patio, on my laptop. The sky was blue, the birds were chirping, and I could smell a neighbour barbecuing some kind of meat. Life is good.

I’ve been spending a lot of time on the computer lately, and I need to focus my time more. A lot of my time is spent surfing various forums, reading rss feeds and chatting on IRC. I’m going to work on getting more focused on developing sites and then moving on to the next one.

I’ve written a couple posts and they will be posted in the next couple of days, and I will work on adding more posts every few days.

The project that I’ve been talking about for some time, I will be purchasing vBulletin for it and converting it from MyBB to vBulletin. I hope the transition goes smooth. Stay tuned for the link.

There are a few blogs that I enjoy reading regularily, one of them is Joshmitsu. Check out his latest post, the Top 15 Most Beautiful Web 2.0 Designs of 2007. Some very nice designs there, its amazing what designers can do these days.

Lack Of Updates

Saturday, June 9th, 2007

I’ve been incredibly busy lately, been doing some Affiliate Marketing stuff, along with working on/launching a new site. The site launch did not go well, I may post details soon. I owe you a nice long post with details of everything, I will get to that soon.

I’m also going to be  working on getting a new theme, im getting tired of looking at this one so I know you must be too.

First year of college is finished in two weeks. Yay.