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Archive for December, 2006

Dedicated server

Sunday, December 17th, 2006

Apparently Godaddy does not want proxy sites on their shared hosting plans. I have decided to take a chance and get a dedicated server. I got a pretty good deal, and the server has the following specifications:

• Intel Pentium IV Dual Core 2.66Ghz Processor

• 1024MB DDR2 RAM

• 250GB SATA Hard Drive

• 2000GB Data Transfer (10Mb/s)

• 1 IP Address

I will be transferring most, if not all, of my websites to the server in the coming weeks.

I’ve been getting very little traffic on my proxy sites, and about one-two clicks a day. I’m waiting to transfer my websites before I start promoting them.

According to Text Link Ads, links on the upper right section of my blog are worth $25 a month.

On another note, today I went walking for about an hour. It’s a beautiful day, and the fresh air was great. I’ve been lifting weights for a couple of weeks, and I feel like I have a lot more energy to do things.

Adsense Deluxe WordPress Plugin

Friday, December 15th, 2006

John Chow recently posted about the Adsense Deluxe WordPress plugin. I just installed it, and configured it. It was really easy to setup, and I’m hoping that the ads will perform well. I recommend this plugin if you are running advertisements on a wordpress blog.


Tuesday, December 12th, 2006

Ok, I need to do a quick update on school and my websites, so here goes.

Web Development

I had a huge spike in my Google Adsense earnings in the past few days. I’ve been running two proxy websites on the PHProxy script. I’ve had them up for three days or so now, and have done little advertising. I did sign them up for a bunch of topsites, which brought a little bit of traffic. Yesterday when I logged into my home computer remotely from school, I saw that my Google Adsense plugin for Firefox said that I had made $8.48 cents that day. I initially thought it said $0.60 cents, and I was excited about having $0.60 cents! By the end of the day I had made $9.00 even. (I made $0.52 from my other proxy site)

I had made $8.48 cents by 10:30am, PST. I’ve uploaded a screenshot of my Google Adsense earnings for the one website for the past few days, you can view it here. I had to blur out some of the statistics due to Google’s terms of service, and I blurred the name, as I will be keeping it a secret for now. The website that I made the money on looks bad – even ugly. It is the default layout for PHProxy, and is just a white page with a logo and my Google Ads.

Today I have made $0.00 using Google Adsense. I need to figure out how I got the traffic, and get some more!


Today was our Skills test for the CCNA level 2 course. I got a 9/10, as I placed the access control list on the wrong interface on the router. I was using an extended access control list and I placed it on the serial interface going outbound, instead of the fast ethernet interface going inbound. Extended access control lists are supposed to be placed closest to the source. Other then that I thought I did well.

We are doing final exams this week. I have a written final for Cisco tommorow, along with a Voucher exam. The voucher exam will give us a discount on writing the CCNA if we get past a certain mark the voucher exam. Thursday I have the Cisco online final exam, and a written final for ‘C’.

Two sites launched

Saturday, December 9th, 2006

Last night I launched two proxy websites, with the default PHProxy template. I worked on a much nicer template for one of them, but I could not get it working. I may work on it next week, when I have time after my final exams.

This morning I was very pleased to find that I had made $0.19 from someone clicking on an ad. I have the Google Adsense extension for Firefox installed, so I see lots of zeros every day for my CTR, eCPM, clicks and earnings. Having even one click, motivates me that much more to get my sites running.
I’m still not having much luck with my Arbi site, although I have not had time to optimize the keywords yet. I should really try some other niches. During my time off in December, I want to try a couple of affiliate marketing deals and see how well I fare.

I got three free domains last night. Someone on the Digital Point forums was giving away 20 of his domains that were expiring at the end of December. I transferred them to Godaddy, instead of my other registrar who is still giving me problems. I just had to pay for the transfer fee at Godaddy and had a free year added to the domain. My plans for all three domains are yet unknown, but I have some ideas.

Two new sites

Thursday, December 7th, 2006

I have purchased two proxy websites for $40, and just signed up for a separate hosting account for them. I accidentally ordered a Windows shared hosting plan instead of the Linux plan, so I called GoDaddy and requested that they change it. Sometime in the next 24-72 hours I will be able to access my hosting plan, and will upload the scripts and I will probably doing a redesign of them. I signed up for a separate hosting plan, instead of hosting the sites on my current webhost, for two reasons.

The web host that I am using now (HostGator) does not allow these types of websites in their TOS, and I did not want to put the hosting account that my clients are on, as a test account. Next year I am planning on ordering a dedicated server, and transferring a lot of my websites over onto it. At this time I do not need a dedicated server, but hopefully next year I will!

I must admit though, that Godaddy seems pretty efficient. I got the domains last night, and today I received a voicemail message from Godaddy during class. It was someone in customer service just seeing how my ‘experience’ had been. One of the things that Godaddy could definitely improve on is their website interface. I found it somewhat slow and hard to browse.

Since my last web related post, I do have my .info domains working, with whois protection. I am only using one of them at the moment. I’ve been running a financial related niche site, and have put a bid on 275+ words using a 2nd tier search engine. I have seen very little ppc traffic, and at this time I have spent no money on traffic. To remedy this I need to either bid more for the keywords, or switch to a more specific niche. I will admit my niche is very general, and hence it is very low in the rankings.

I still do not have my .ca domains working, I will be calling my registrar tonight to find out what the status is on those. It has been 6 days since I paid for them.

False Alarm

Wednesday, December 6th, 2006

Well, that was certainly embarrassing. A good lesson, but still embarrassing nonetheless. I was the one who had the credit card attached to his account. I must have clicked twice or something, as I don’t remember using my credit card on my paypal account before.

I found out that Paypal doesn’t allow you to send money from your credit card to people, and I don’t want to attach my debit account to my Paypal account. I need to find another online payment method. I wanted to tryout Google Checkout, but I attempted to activate an account with them, and they didn’t list Canada as a country. I was tired, so it might be there and I did not see it.

Edit: After calling Paypal two more times (waiting 15 minutes on hold to be disconnected, called back and waited again) I have it all sorted out. Somehow I ended up with another Paypal account that I don’t even remember having. I erased it, and was able to add my credit card to it.

Possible Credit Card Fraud

Wednesday, December 6th, 2006

I was planning on purchasing a website today, so last night I attempted to add my credit card to my paypal profile. I had not used my paypal account in at least a year or so, and when I tried to add my credit card, paypal gave me the following error:

That card number is already assigned to another Paypal account. For security purposes, each card may only be assigned to one Paypal account. If you have already opened a Paypal account, please retrieve the relevant information and log in. Otherwise, please use a different card.

If that is true, I have no idea how my credit card number got attached to someone elses paypal account. I need to go make some phone calls to Paypal and my credit card company, to find out what’s going on.

Registrar Problems

Monday, December 4th, 2006

My current registrar (shall remain nameless for the time being), who I’ve been using for the past year or so, has a pretty good track record with me. I’ve registered approximately ten domains with them in the past year, six of them being registered this past week. However, I’ve had several issues with the last batch of domains that I registered.

The first problem that I encountered, is that I entered invalid nameservers when registering them. This caused the registration not to go through, and was completely my fault. I must have made a mistake typing them in and did not double check them. I called the support line and one of their representatives registered the domains for me over the phone. This seemed to be great, as I didn’t have to go through the hassle of making sure that my credit card was credited back the correct amount, and then reregistering them.

The second problem that I found, is that the rep only registered one of my .ca domains for a year when I paid for two. I emailed the accounting department and the next day they emailed me and told me to watch for a credit within the next 5-7 days.
As of right now, the .info domains are working but have no whois protection enabled, and my .ca’s are going through the CIRA registration process. I can’t wait for the whois protection to kick in, and to be able to start using my .ca domains!
(Please note: The registrar that this blog post speaks about is not the one that I used to register this domain)

Midterm Results

Monday, December 4th, 2006

I just got my marks back, and I am surprised! I got 75% on my Cisco Level 2, and 82% on the “C” test. I was expecting a very low mark for the Cisco exam, yet I ended up with the highest mark in the class. Although, that still is a low mark for me, considering that anything below 70% is considered a failing grade at BCIT. I usually achieve anywhere from 85-90 percent for the Cisco exams, but I also usually have a chance to study.

One more week of coursework, learning and labs, then it’s on to finals week! I’m curious as to what the Cisco skills exam is going to consist of. For Cisco level 1 we just had to subnet two subnetworks and configure our computers to be able to ping to a server on the other side of two preconfigured routers. Since level 2 was mostly programming Cisco routers, I can only assume that we will be repeating the level 1 skills exam but with 3-4 networks and programming the routers ourselves.

Should be fun.


Friday, December 1st, 2006

Today I accomplished the following:

-Wrote two midterms; CCNA level 2 and ‘C’. I’m very confident about the C exam, however the only confidence that I have regarding the Cisco midterm, is that I did poorly on it. It is my fault though, I did not study for either exam.
-The other day I received an email from Google offering me a $25 Adwords credit. Since I had not signed up for AdWords yet, I signed up and got the credit and put my ad campaigns on pause. Thanks Google!
-Signed up for 7Search. Added $25 to my account, and tried to call them to speed of the process of validating my credit card. They are closed now, I will call them again tommorow to see if they are open.

-Registered six more domains. One will be for a personal website, another for a special project, and four to experiment with arbi.

-Configured Samurize to incorporate text files onto my desktop. It’s pretty sweet, since I am always using text files to store todo lists, ideas, etc. Now whenever I edit my todo.txt on my desktop, it displays the contents over my wallpaper.

-Updated the links on the right side of my page. They now reflect some of the blogs that I read daily, forums that I frequent, and other good links.


-Also added an ‘About’ section to the top of this page.