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Celebration Of Light Fireworks

Sunday, August 12th, 2007

Every year for as long as I can remember, the HSBC Celebration of Light has taken place in Downtown Vancouver. It’s a well known event, and hundreds of thousands of people come out and watch them. The fireworks take place on four different nights in a two week period, on the Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Every year I watch them at least once, but this year twice and saw Canada and the Finale. I headed down both times with my friend Dave Venter. For the Finale we brought one of my cameras with us, and took some pictures and video clips, I’ve posted some of my pictures below. You can see a video of the end of the fireworks, on Dave’s post…..

I enjoy going to the fireworks, and I think that it is great for the lower mainland to have something to look forward to every summer. Just before I was going to write this post, I checked my rss feeds and I read Jeff Kee’s post regarding the event. He made some excellent points, but I disagree with some of the stuff he said.

The fireworks are cool, but I just like getting out of my neighborhood and taking transit downtown with friends and doing something. Vancouver needs to have alternative events like the fireworks that draw people. The fireworks should keep happening, but more events should be created to supplement the fireworks.

Some pictures that I took below. Be warned, some of them are slightly blurry, be warned. Click on the thumbnail for a bigger version.






Summer Holidays

Friday, July 27th, 2007

I’ve been in school for the past year, and I have the summer off. I’m currently working fulltime, which leaves little time to develop my own sites and work on affiliate campaigns, but I’m trying. I’m also doing some web development and consulting work for a couple of local companies, which is what I’m spending a lot of my free time doing.

I’m still working on the forum that I purchased. I put a new theme on it, and am working on a couple contests to get it active again. I will post the link here soon. I’m waiting for a bug to be fixed in the custom point system, but the guy who wrote the system isn’t responding to my emails/messages.

I’ve made some investments in a couple domains, and am going to be developing them into long term content sites. I’m not going to reveal the niches yet, maybe later.

I’m studying for my CCNA, and and I just finished reading the first book of the two book study guide I bought. I’ll read through the second book, then book the test. After I read the second book, I’m going to do some of the questions from a guide from

My buddy Dave Venter has updated the theme of his blog, and is now posting regularily.

I’ve been playing a lot of Halo 2 recently, I enjoy it.

Stay tuned for more updates, I’ll be posting more frequently.

Lack Of Updates

Saturday, June 9th, 2007

I’ve been incredibly busy lately, been doing some Affiliate Marketing stuff, along with working on/launching a new site. The site launch did not go well, I may post details soon. I owe you a nice long post with details of everything, I will get to that soon.

I’m also going to be  working on getting a new theme, im getting tired of looking at this one so I know you must be too.

First year of college is finished in two weeks. Yay.

Win A Microsoft Zune

Friday, April 6th, 2007

John Chow runs a blog that helps you  make money on the internet, and is giving away a Microsoft Zune. He is trying to get Google to rank him as the top search result for ‘make money on the internet’, so he has been giving things away. To enter, all you have to do is write about it. This is my entry.Now give me my Zune!

Reinvigorate Beta

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2007

I recently got an invite to join the Reinvigorate private beta. I went ahead and set it up on this blog, and let it run for a few days.

Reinvigorate ScreenshotReinvigorate has plugins for WordPress, Drupal, or you can insert code into all of your pages manually. I downloaded the WordPress plugin and installed it. Once the plugin is installed, you need to goto the admin panel and enter your Tracking ID. The installation was very easy, however reinvigorate never received my stats while I was using the WordPress plugin.

I waited a few days, but the service still was not receiving stats off my blog. Instead of messing around with the WordPress plugin, I uninstalled it and inserted the reinvigorate code manually. As soon as I logged back into reinvigorate, it was receiving my stats.

The service has a fast and light web based interface, with a ton of various statistics. You can view your traffic Hourly, Daily, Monthly, Yearly or Hourly Distributions. It has the common stuff such as Browers, Resolution, Platform, Timezone, Entry/Exit pages, Popular Pages, Referrers, Keywords, the list goes on.

I like the interface of Reinvigorate more then Google Analytics, Statcounter and AWStats, as Reinvigorate is faster and easier to navigate. When I want to see my stats, I want to see them and not look for them.

Overall it looks like a great service, I wonder if they will be a paid service once they drop their Beta status.

Going Back In Time

Wednesday, March 14th, 2007

My last post (La Fonera Router) was my 100th post, and I forgot that I was going to write a special post. So as a special treat, I’m going back in time over the past year and a half, to point out some memorable posts.

Two New Sites

Social Networking Bandwagon

WordPress Autosave Feature

Parallels RC 2.2 Followup

CBB Group

The State Of The Movie Industry

Yeah. Is Back!

Fullscreen vs Widescreen

USB Thumb Drive

It’s the weekend!

Friday, January 12th, 2007

Well, it’s friday night, and I’m glad. Time to relax, hang out with friends, and work on some of my websites.

I’ve updated the theme, what do you think? I like it. I’ve also updated the links on the right side of this page a bit, added some and removed some old ones. If you see your link there, feel free to link back!
I have a computer downstairs that I’ve been letting my younger sister use for school, msn, and web browsing for about 8-10 months. I stopped using my old laptop for school, and now she is using the laptop from time to time in our living room. It is plugged in near the couches. Last night I was lying down on the couch, transferring some files off the computer onto my desktop. I will be formatting the computer and using it as a ‘sandbox’ server, as well as a fileserver. It has 2 Athlon 2000+ MP CPUs, 512MB Ram (ECC), 250GB hard drive. Each CPU has a large fan, and they make quite a bit of noise.

I plan on installing FreeNAS and using it as a file/ftp/backup server, most of the time. I am planning on formatting the 250GB hard drive as using the FAT32 filesystem, so most operating systems can use it/write to it. I will throw an old hard drive (3-5GB) into the computer to use for the FreeNAS system, as the operating system itself requires only 32MB of space.
I have another 40GB hard drive sitting here, I might use that with an external case I have, or I could use it to install other operating systems to play with. I will be getting a free copy of Windows Vista (not ultimate edition though -_-) through th MSDN Academic Alliance program, through my school.

What kind of a computer/media setup do you have at home?

Planning A Backup Stategy

Wednesday, January 10th, 2007

Yesterday in my Windows Server 2003 class, the lecture was on Backing up and Restoring Data. Right now I’m working on a small assignment, which is to plan a backup strategy for a corporation with 5 servers, and 250 employees. Each server has a different configuration, and a different purpose. I’m just starting it, but I like trying to figure this stuff out!
Today it occurred to me that it’s been awhile since I backed up all of my documents, websites, or pictures. I’ve been organizing a lot of my data on my desktop, my document’s folder, and erasing stuff I don’t need. There are three backup strategies that I plan to implement within one month.

All three of the methods below would be after I finish organizing all of my files into the ‘My Documents’ folder.

1) Upload one full backup once a month to my dedicated server, over a secure connection. Also, weekly do a differential backup to the server as well. The server is located in a datacenter in Texas.

2) Use NTI Backup Now! to burn a set of DVDs with full backups one a month.

3) Upload one full backup every week to my local fileserver. Also, every morning around 5am upload an incremental backup or differential (haven’t decided) to my (soon to be) linux server.

I think these methods should pretty much cover any mistakes I make (Oops! Shouldn’t have deleted that!). I’m also thinking about imaging my drive once every two weeks and putting the image on my local server.

What do you do to backup?

Crazy Snow!

Wednesday, January 10th, 2007

Well, it has snowed once again in Beautiful British Columbia! The snow came down all day, I’m not sure how much snow we got exactly, but when I stepped outside on campus, the snow went up to the bottom of my kneecap. I’m a fairly tall guy, and this is a lot of snow. My old car has a ton of snow on the roof, I will try to take pictures tomorrow of the snow. It is supposed to be cold for another 4-5 days, so it’s not likely to melt. I must say that my back is aching from shoveling snow, but it’s a great workout!

I didn’t take the photo below, but it is near where I live and proves that there is snow!



Friday, December 1st, 2006

Today I accomplished the following:

-Wrote two midterms; CCNA level 2 and ‘C’. I’m very confident about the C exam, however the only confidence that I have regarding the Cisco midterm, is that I did poorly on it. It is my fault though, I did not study for either exam.
-The other day I received an email from Google offering me a $25 Adwords credit. Since I had not signed up for AdWords yet, I signed up and got the credit and put my ad campaigns on pause. Thanks Google!
-Signed up for 7Search. Added $25 to my account, and tried to call them to speed of the process of validating my credit card. They are closed now, I will call them again tommorow to see if they are open.

-Registered six more domains. One will be for a personal website, another for a special project, and four to experiment with arbi.

-Configured Samurize to incorporate text files onto my desktop. It’s pretty sweet, since I am always using text files to store todo lists, ideas, etc. Now whenever I edit my todo.txt on my desktop, it displays the contents over my wallpaper.

-Updated the links on the right side of my page. They now reflect some of the blogs that I read daily, forums that I frequent, and other good links.


-Also added an ‘About’ section to the top of this page.