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Google Summer Of Code 2007

Wednesday, March 21st, 2007

I’m a full time student who dabbles in coding from time to time, so when I logged into my WordPress dashboard last night, the Google Summer Of Code caught my eye.

Evey summer for the past few years, Google has awarded students cash prizes for working on open source projects. Some of these projects included FreeBSD, Ubuntu, Debian, Apache, PHP, and Jabber.

This is a pretty good deal for both students and open source projects, as the projects get more open source created, while the students get some cash and a great resume builder.

To find out more, check out the Google Summer Of Code homepage.

The Importance Of Trackbacks

Saturday, March 17th, 2007

This morning I was writing ICANN Has Terminated Registerfly, and as I was entering the trackback links I had the idea to post about what trackbacks do. I checked my RSS feeds and then I found a post over at Daily Cup Of Tech about The Importance of Trackbacks. I guess the author read my mind.

I’ve recently been using trackbacks a lot to link to posts on blogs that relate to the subject that I am talking about, for example in my last post I put one of my old posts as trackbacks, as I had talked about my problems with Registerfly in the post.


Using the trackback feature in WordPress is very simple. All you do is visit the post to get the trackback URL, and then you enter the url into the trackback field of the post that you are writing.

Sending trackbacks to other blogs can generate more traffic for your blog, as people reading the comments will see the link to your post. Sometimes trackbacks are seperated from comments on sites so they are more visible.

If you are not using trackbacks on your WordPress blog, you may want to consider it.

ICANN Has Terminated Registerfly

Saturday, March 17th, 2007

I recently did a post on Enom dropping Registerfly as a reseller, and now ICANN is putting the final nail in Registerfly’s coffin. It’s about time. ICANN has issued a formal notice of termination to Registerfly, effective March 31, 2007. If you have any domains with Registerfly that you care about, transfer them now! If you have any problems, check out the Big FAQ Thread over at RegisterFlies.

I only have six domains with Registerfly, which are not very valuable to me as they are just .info domains that I paid 60 cents each for. I’ve been having problems with them for a long time, I posted about my problems back in December. I now register all of my domains with Namecheap, although I still have domains with GoDaddy, and Enom.

First Adsense Cheque!

Friday, March 9th, 2007

Yesterday I received my first cheque from Google Adsense! It was for my December 2006/January 2007 earnings. The cheque is $139.48 US. Right now It’s looking like my next cheque will be double that. I plan to get them to directly deposit future payments into my bank account, when I get around to it.

I didn’t post any goals for this year on my blog, however one of my goals was to make $100 online a month. I have now surpassed that, and am making $10-13 a day approximately. My next goal is to make $400 online a month. To do this I will be creating more proxies, and creating a more structured proxy network, and perhaps advertise it. I will also set up some scripts to prevent people from clicking on my ads over and over again, trying to get me banned from Google Adsense.

Registerfly is in trouble

Wednesday, February 7th, 2007

I’ve been having a lot of problems with Registerfly in the past few months. Yesterday I was reading David Lithman’s blog, and I learned about an email that he received. The email is from Enom, announcing that Enom is officially dropping Registerfly as a reseller. I did some searching on several domain and web development forums, and confirmed that many other people had received the same email.

If you have any domains with Registerfly, I highly recommend that you create an account with Enom, and push your domains to Enom asap. I have eight domains with Registerfly, and I will be creating a new Enom account to move them to, and then eventually push them to an Enom account shared between me and my partner.

Here’s a RegisterFly reseller termination FAQ, and an article stating how Enom is related to RegisterFly. For more information regarding what is happening, please visit Registerflies.

Good luck to those of you who still have domains with Registerfly.

Changed Servers

Monday, February 5th, 2007

So I have successfully moved from the shared hosting plan to the dedicated server, and cancelled the shared hosting plan. If you checked the site earlier today, you may have noticed that I made an error when I moved the site. It was a small error, and was easily fixable.

Now I need to setup automatic database backups, and I’ll be set!


Friday, February 2nd, 2007

Yesterday I wrote my final exams for the Windows Server 2003 and Structured Cabling courses. Without studying, I managed to get 82% and 73% on the exams. Not incredible, but I still passed. On Monday I start

I worked on Thursday, Friday (today), and I will be working tomorrow for a few hours as well. Payday was yesterday, so I feel good. Except that most of the money is going for bills and books, but hey, that’s life I guess.

The server has been up and running well for just over a week now. I have moved over all the domains that were on the shared hosting account, except this one. I will be moving it over this weekend at some point.

My proxy sites have been back up for a few days, and have small amounts of traffic again, with no advertising. Clickthrough rate is ok, but I’m still not making much per click.

I’ve also launched a new project, it’s a website with a lot of flash based web games. I was curious to see how well these sites would do. I submitted it to Digg, and with only 10 diggs, I had over 1030 games played today. Those are the statistics from the software that I use for the site, but I think games played = hits on a page with a game on it. However, Adsense reports that I’ve had 142 pageviews on the site today. Maybe a lot of diggers use Mozilla Firefox with the Adblock Plus extension?

A lot of people were reporting Google pagerank updates recently, most of them reporting a rise in their pagerank. However, my pagerank stayed at 3. Last month I was monitoring it for a few days, and I saw it go up to 5 a couple times, but when I refreshed it went back down to 3. It is still 3 right now. When I get pagerank of 4-5 I will apply for Text Link Ads, and try to monetize this blog a bit.

I don’t like looking at Google Adsense that much, and since it doesn’t seem to work that well with the amount of traffic this blog gets every day, I think I keep it off the site. I don’t have a problem with TLA however, as they pay well (unlike Google Adsense) and I can use any money that I can get.

I would like to give a shout out to my buddy over at! He’s been working on his blog which is running on WordPress, and the blog is coming along quite nicely.

Fun with Keywords

Friday, February 2nd, 2007

I was analyzing my website statistics today, and I looked some of the keywords up myself. I was surprised at some of the seemingly random groups of words that people have used to find my blog. For example, I am the second search result for ‘install vista on asus g1’. I’m also the second result when searching ‘high cpu visio 2007’. There was also an entry for ‘registrar problems’, but I was unable to find my site listed in google with those keywords. I still thought it was amusing though.

For those of you who are interested, I am currently using both Statcounter and Google Analytics for my statistics. The results in this blog I got from Statcounter. I am still evaluating both services on all my websites, and I will eventually switch to just one of them.

Downtime and Server Status

Wednesday, January 24th, 2007

This website has been up and down for the past couple of weeks, and therefore I have not posted any updates. I’m still in the process of moving from a shared host to a dedicated server.

I did have the server up and running for awhile, on Plesk. I had my proxy sites setup, and they were bringing in money slowly. I moved them to my shared host while I had the server formatted with Cpanel/WHM instead of Plesk. My shared host suspended the account after a few days because of the high CPU usage by the scripts. I can’t blame them, but now I have had no daily revenue for almost two weeks.

What did surprise me however, is that I still received 10-15 pageviews on a few of the days that the proxy sites were down. I even received a couple of ad clicks, which is strange. I wonder if it was cached somewhere, and people were somehow using the cached version.

I thought I screwed up the DNS on the new server, however after waiting 4-5 days I found out that there the firewall was blocking the DNS (53), Cpanel (2082), and the Cpanel https (2083) ports. I hope that was the problem!


Thursday, January 11th, 2007

I’ve had a ton of clicks on the Google Adsense advertisements on my proxies today. I’ve had 302 clicks so far, yet only $12.58 cents in revenue. I mean, having $12.58 cents in revenue is great for one day, however my revenue per click is $0.04 cents. I hate smart pricing so much. I usually get at least $0.15 cents per click, sometimes up to $0.60 cents. If I received $0.50 cents per click today, my revenue would have been $151.

Also, my proxies are currently not working. The pages load fine, however when I try to browse through them I get ‘Error: 110: Connection timed out (URL: I’m sure that this is why I’ve received so many clicks today, which is double the amount I’ve been receiving the past few days. I am moving them elsewhere for now, while the current server I’m on is being formatted and reinstalled. After the upgrade, my partner and I will be running Cpanel/WHM with 6 ip address, instead of Plesk and 1 ip address.

Tommorow at school my lab partner and I will be wiring two patch panels with 25 pair cable. That stuff looks complicated, but it probably won’t be once we figure out the color chart. School is going pretty good, but I’m having a hard time paying attention during the Structured Cabling class, as a lot of the material has been covered already in previous courses, and I just don’t find the course that interesting. It is stuff that we need to know though, and I will definitely use. I made my first cat5 cable on Tuesday, which is pretty cool.