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Lunar Eclipse

Tuesday, August 28th, 2007

This morning we were able to see the [tag]lunar eclipse[/tag]. I took some pictures, most of them blurry as I didn’t bring my tripod with me. I also took two videos, but it was too dark so it is pretty hard to see anything.

A lunar eclipse happens when the Earth gets directly between the sun and the moon, blocking the light that normally reflects off the moon. This was the second lunar eclipse of 2007.

I found the video below on youtube, which is from the lunar eclipse earlier this year.

(Removed embedded video because it messed up my layout in Firefox)

Link to Video


Friday, September 2nd, 2005

Last night I was browsing through my rss reader looking at random feeds. I had looked at some pictures of the devestation caused by Hurricane Katrina before, but reading first hand about someone that is in the middle of it just… I don’t know but it impacted me on a deep level. I will be praying for him and his companions. I was captivated by what he had to say, I could not stop reading it.

Part of me wishes I was there assisting them in whatever I way I can. The other part of me is glad and thankful that I live where I am. What a cool game that would make though, if you read the blog and some of the things he mentions, corrupt police, looting, survival, etc. He has a live webcam feed, hopefully I will get to see something other then the window or something later tonight.

I have been browsing pictures that are associated with the livejournal (blog) that I am reading constantly, and I am in the chat room. The link to interdictor is here.

The pictures below are only a few of the pictures: (Click on a picture to see a bigger version)

EDIT: The source of the pictures has gone offline, and unfortunately I do not have these pictures locally.