Windows Vista

January 24, 2007 – 9:03 pm | by Bill

Since my school is a member of the MSDN Academic Alliance, I get access to a lot of Microsoft Software (legitimately, of course). The most recent addition (other then Microsoft Visio 2007, replacing the 2003 version), is the Microsoft Vista Business Edition. I installed it on a spare hard drive on my school and was impressed with the feel of the new operating system. However, the support for drivers is not quite there yet. A few friends of mine have installed Vista, and I’ve heard various complaints from them, and other online sources about driver issues. This can’t be Microsoft’s fault, a lot of the responsibility must lie with the manufacturer of the hardware. However, Windows XP did come with many drivers for different hardware, so why doesn’t Vista come with updated drivers? Again, I image the hardware companies have to catch release drivers for all the hardware they make.
From the various blogs that I read, I see that some people detest Vista, while some people are looking forward to it being released to the retail market. Personally, I like the look of the operating system, and some of the changes they have made, but I will be waiting until later this year before upgrading from Windows XP to Vista. Of course, I will be formatting my Windows XP partition and then installing Vista on the empty partition.

One of the things I like about vista is the new folder structure. In a default XP installation, the user accounts were located atC:\Documents and Settings. However, in Vista the user accounts are located at C:\Users. Instead of having the ‘My Documents’ folder with ‘My Pictures’ and ‘My Music’ and such folders inside, those folders are all at the same level. That is such a small change, but I like it! There are a ton of other features in Vista, take a look at the Wikipedia entry.

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