Downtime and Server Status

January 24, 2007 – 7:07 pm | by Bill

This website has been up and down for the past couple of weeks, and therefore I have not posted any updates. I’m still in the process of moving from a shared host to a dedicated server.

I did have the server up and running for awhile, on Plesk. I had my proxy sites setup, and they were bringing in money slowly. I moved them to my shared host while I had the server formatted with Cpanel/WHM instead of Plesk. My shared host suspended the account after a few days because of the high CPU usage by the scripts. I can’t blame them, but now I have had no daily revenue for almost two weeks.

What did surprise me however, is that I still received 10-15 pageviews on a few of the days that the proxy sites were down. I even received a couple of ad clicks, which is strange. I wonder if it was cached somewhere, and people were somehow using the cached version.

I thought I screwed up the DNS on the new server, however after waiting 4-5 days I found out that there the firewall was blocking the DNS (53), Cpanel (2082), and the Cpanel https (2083) ports. I hope that was the problem!

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