Dedicated server

December 17, 2006 – 4:31 pm | by Bill

Apparently Godaddy does not want proxy sites on their shared hosting plans. I have decided to take a chance and get a dedicated server. I got a pretty good deal, and the server has the following specifications:

• Intel Pentium IV Dual Core 2.66Ghz Processor

• 1024MB DDR2 RAM

• 250GB SATA Hard Drive

• 2000GB Data Transfer (10Mb/s)

• 1 IP Address

I will be transferring most, if not all, of my websites to the server in the coming weeks.

I’ve been getting very little traffic on my proxy sites, and about one-two clicks a day. I’m waiting to transfer my websites before I start promoting them.

According to Text Link Ads, links on the upper right section of my blog are worth $25 a month.

On another note, today I went walking for about an hour. It’s a beautiful day, and the fresh air was great. I’ve been lifting weights for a couple of weeks, and I feel like I have a lot more energy to do things.

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