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December 7, 2006 – 6:00 pm | by Bill

I have purchased two proxy websites for $40, and just signed up for a separate hosting account for them. I accidentally ordered a Windows shared hosting plan instead of the Linux plan, so I called GoDaddy and requested that they change it. Sometime in the next 24-72 hours I will be able to access my hosting plan, and will upload the scripts and I will probably doing a redesign of them. I signed up for a separate hosting plan, instead of hosting the sites on my current webhost, for two reasons.

The web host that I am using now (HostGator) does not allow these types of websites in their TOS, and I did not want to put the hosting account that my clients are on, as a test account. Next year I am planning on ordering a dedicated server, and transferring a lot of my websites over onto it. At this time I do not need a dedicated server, but hopefully next year I will!

I must admit though, that Godaddy seems pretty efficient. I got the domains last night, and today I received a voicemail message from Godaddy during class. It was someone in customer service just seeing how my ‘experience’ had been. One of the things that Godaddy could definitely improve on is their website interface. I found it somewhat slow and hard to browse.

Since my last web related post, I do have my .info domains working, with whois protection. I am only using one of them at the moment. I’ve been running a financial related niche site, and have put a bid on 275+ words using a 2nd tier search engine. I have seen very little ppc traffic, and at this time I have spent no money on traffic. To remedy this I need to either bid more for the keywords, or switch to a more specific niche. I will admit my niche is very general, and hence it is very low in the rankings.

I still do not have my .ca domains working, I will be calling my registrar tonight to find out what the status is on those. It has been 6 days since I paid for them.

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