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December 1, 2005 – 11:49 pm | by Bill

It’s been awhile..I know your bored if you are at this website, so here are some links which will hopefully entertain you for a few minutes while you decide which url to type in the bar above.

Here is a sweet Network Traffic Ticket. Yes, that’s right. I should become a network admin. Hahaha, the possibilities are endless.

An article entitled ’10 Things Every New Mac Owner Should Know’. Since I am planning on buying a mac in the future, I am posting it here selfishly. If it helps you..your welcome. If not, move along sucka!

We get a lot of junk faxes at work, I should try the black paper method mentioned in this article.

Been reading all of the Penny Arcade archives lately. There is some funny stuff there. Very funny stuff. Some is lame, but a lot is good.

That is all for now.

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