Officially Out Of The Proxy Business!

May 20, 2007 – 1:49 pm | by Bill

In the past month, I’ve sold all of my proxy sites and most of the miscellaneous domains that I had laying around. The revenue from the proxy sites had dropped signifigantly, and generating revenue was like shooting fish in a barrel.

With the proceeds from the sale, I’ve purchased a forum for $205. The forum currently has 6000+ posts, and 300 members. It is not very active at the moment, with only a few people posting here and there. I’ve already invested another $250 into the site, and I plan to spend a bit more on advertising it. I am working on a relaunch of that site, and then will market it like crazy. I may post the domain when I launch.

A big problem that I have when working on projects, is that I will get a project very close to completion, and then stop working on it. For example, I was developing a new forum site and the site was done except for a small formatting bug when using quotations in a post. I haven’t touched the site in a few weeks. Due to the market the site is focused on, I won’t be launching it until next fall anyway. Does anyone else procrastinate before launching a new site?

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