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Archive for August, 2005

Mission Springs Brewery

Tuesday, August 30th, 2005

Today I was driving from work to the Mission Springs Brewing Company, and I saw a car accident. It looked kind of bad, but It reminded me to slow down, as I often drive quite fast. Driving fast in the rain, is not good. Especially when your front two tires are bald.

At the Brewing Company, everything is old and rustic. The decorations were quite cool, and I will definitely go there again soon. The service we had was a bit slow though. Good food though. I had the Mediterranean Burger, which consisted of a beef patty, shrimp, feta cheese, lettuce, and some tomatoes thanks to Kris and Mags both grabbing their tomatoes off their burgers and handing them to me at the same time.

I have just installed and activated Photoshop CS 2, and will be toying with it tommorow night. Can’t wait! :)

Also looking forward to Monday night, going to see Thousand Foot Krutch in concert. :D

Enter the cold

Monday, August 29th, 2005

This morning I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock and the pouring rain. I got up from my bed and hit the snooze button. I eventually woke up, when the alarm went off again. Anyway, I dislike the cold very much, but the fall is beautiful, and so is winter and spring. There will be soo many more places to shoot pictures, and more beautiful opportunities. I cant wait. I have some cool pictures of a construction yard I took, but i cant find my 512 mb sony memory stick. I lent my Sony DSC-P73 to my mom and sister, they went to kalamalka lake. I took my 512 stick out, and put her 256 stick in. I cant remember where i put my 512 stick. So right now im borrowing her spare 32mb stick. I hope I find it soon.

Her Sony DSC-P100 did not come with a power cord, because it was open box. It has some wierd lithium ion battery, and we would have to buy a new power cord or battery charger, both are 99$ CAD. If you can think of a better place to buy it, let me know. I have tried london drugs, radio shack, future shop.

I’m going to go “try” Adobe Photoshop CS2.

Edited. Thank you Kris for pointing out my noobish typos. :)

USB Thumb Drive

Monday, August 22nd, 2005

I just bought my first USB Thumb Drive from Radioshack (I refuse to call it the source, as I work for an Audio Visual Company. Unless I call it the source for cheap components. :)) for 15$ CAD with taxes. It has 128 megs, and I will purchase a newer one when prices come down. So far on it I have:

-DVD Shrink and DVD Decrypter: For burning dvds wherever I am! Mainly because I’m going to show my boss how to do it eventually.
-Mini Red Alert: A smaller version of the original Red Alert game. The smallest version of red alert 2 that I can get is 200 megs or so, so I will have to wait until I purchase a USB Thumb Drive with more capacity.
Trillian Anywhere: For using MSN/AIM at friend’s houses, etc.
-Media Player.exe: A versatile media player that can play many formats.
Portable Firefox: A Portable version of Firefox, plus a few extensions I added.
-I was going to put Photoshop CS on it, but I do not want to fill it up right away.

I tried to purchase two of them, so I could put Damn Small Linux or another small version of linux on one of them, but they wouldn’t let me buy two. :( (It was a sale, 60% off.) If you have any good programs that will work on a USB Thumbdrive, let me know and I would love to try it out! :)

This Blog is now Public!

Saturday, August 13th, 2005

After fixing the nameserver problem that I had, and installing wordpress, my permanent ‘home’ is now open for your viewing! I had a temporary blog here, and I slightly edited and copied over all the posts with the same timestamps. I just tested my RSS feed, and it works! So the next thing to do is make a post on my temporary blog announcing the new domain, and keep on posting!

I will be continuing to make adjustments to this website, stay tuned!


Friday, August 12th, 2005

If you do not already know, I work for a Professional Sound & Lighting company. My job title is “Customer Service Representative”. Mostly I speak with clients, manage the shipping/receiving, manage the repairs in and out, basic accounting duties, and I do some cleaning. Part of cleaning is removing cobwebs and spiders. Usually I just kill the spiders, and flush the paper towel that I used down the toilet.

A few weeks ago at work I saw this one spider, it wasn’t that big compared to other ones that I have seen there. It was hanging in mid-air in the middle of some support beams approx 3 feet apart, and 2 feet high. I just kind of ignored it for a few weeks because I hate killing things, and yeah. Everytime I saw it, it was in the same spot. Today I looked up at it from below, in the warehouse. I saw the light reflect off of it’s web, which was amazing. I can’t imagine the amount of time that it took it to do that, it looks great.

Then I thought that I really didn’t want to kill the spider now (although I think it is dead, it is always in the same spot, in the middle of the web, and when people walk up the stairs to the second floor, the support beams shake, so the spider shakes and it doesn’t move). It spent all this time building a home for itself, and then to have someone come along and take him away from it, and destroy everything that he has created, and kill him.

We work so hard to gain material possessions, nice cars, nice clothing, big houses, etc, but what is the point? We live our lives, and then we die and goto heaven or hell.

This post came out a lot different then I thought it would. I am planning on using a couple lights and my camera to take some cool pictures of the web sometime next week.

Growing old.

Thursday, August 11th, 2005

Well. I am 19. Look at me go. I bought a lottery ticket tonight. I hope I win. I can buy beer. There is nothing I cannot do. :) In Canada the drinking age/etc is 19. Look at me go. Whoo Whoo.

I am in a bit of a delirious state. I think it is partially due to some sadness deep within me, of things that I regret, or regret not doing. People that I should have become friends with, and people that I should have stayed away from. Things that were meant to be, and things that shouldn’t have been. I looked at the moon while I was driving tonight. It is beautiful, the way the sun reflects off it it, creating a masterpiece that only God could create. God is Good.

I bought some new computer hardware today. DVD Burner, 200 Gigabyte hard drive, and a D-Link Wireless Router, and some smaller things such as blank dvds and a 256 cd/dvd case.

I feel like my life is going downhill. I don’t feel like I am accomplishing anything, and the days are just passing me and I am stuck in the same place. I see kids younger then me growing up and doing something with their lives. What is wrong with me?

On another note, Ryan is gone. :(

I suck at cars.

Thursday, August 11th, 2005

GG! (Good Game!)

So last night I went to pickup my sister from her best friend Carly’s house. (Hi Carly!) So I realize that I need to put oil in my engine, so when I get back I pop the hood and grab some oil that I bought last weekend. I could barely see the whole, and so I start pouring. I stop because I realize that I am spilling everywhere because I cannot see, and I dont have funnel. Then my engine starts smoking like crazy, so im like oh SHOOT (That’s not actually what I said, but I censored it for you because your cool! :D)

So after a few minutes it stops smoking, and I shut the hood. The hood slammed down a bit too hard, because the front grill of my car popped off! I had noticed a few months before that it was glued on in a couple places, and that a couple of the tabs were broken.

I suck at cars.