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New LCD Monitor

Wednesday, November 29th, 2006

I just finished setting up my new Phillips 17″ LCD monitor to replace my 17″ CRT monitor. The CRT monitor took up over a third of my desktop, the LCD takes up barely any space at all. I was thinking about getting a 22″ Acer LCD but I decided not to, as the money could be better spent paying off my credit card debt.
I connected my UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) to my computer and monitor, so if the power goes out I have “up to” 32 minutes of battery backup. I haven’t been using my UPS for a month or two since the carpet in my house had been replaced and I had not bothered to plug it in. Next time the power goes out, I am hoping to achieve 30 minutes of battery life from the UPS. Previously I had only had 3-5 minutes. I’ve read that this is because the CRT sucks so much power, so hopefully using an LCD will fix this annoyance.

I visited the eye doctor today, he is really nice. He said that I should get glasses to use when I using a computer, and reading textbooks, etc. He also offered to let me email myself a picture of the nerve endings in my right eye. I got it on my flash drive instead, I may post that here or not, I doubt you want to see them.

I recently updated the theme I am using on this website, but I still have to tweak it a bit. I am searching for a better header image, and I will be uploading a picture of myself to put in the top right.